Our hero Hans Hans is a young, yet ageless Viking. Inspired by the many legends of Norse mythology, each mission begins with a worldly crisis that forces Hans Hans to go to Asgard and report to Odin, chief god of the Æsir. In his infinite wisdom, Odin hands Hans Hans an assignment. Hans must prove to gods and mortals alike that size doesn’t matter—an interesting attitude for someone whose archenemies are giants.

As if vast fjords, jealous gods, bloodthirsty giants and a shape-shifting nemesis named Loki weren’t enough, Hans Hans has to contend with his own youth-spirited angst. His single biggest obstacle resides in his inability to control his own ‘Berserker’ temper. The little Viking only manages to make matters worse for himself when he flies off the handle. Ultimately, he must solve his problems by using his head. It’s a good thing he studies his runes, although he’d never admit it!

What makes Hans special is his honesty, his earnest dedication and his loyalty to Odin. He might complain, or have self doubts, but he won’t give in to nasty trolls or that pesky trickster Loki.

So strap on your Viking helmet and hold on tight, here comes Hans Hans the Biking Viking!