The Characters

Meet the messenger to the Norse gods and smallest of the Vikings. In a world of refrigerator-sized warriors who ruled the lands and seas with bone-crushing force, why did the gods pick this little mortal who can’t swim or even carry a cadet-sized sword?

Sister of Frey and goddess of love. Whenever she speaks, flowers blossom, trees flourish and everything grows. Oddly enough she’s also the goddess of war. This young goddess is not easily fooled and that passive-aggressive streak in her can be unpleasant. Despite that, Hans Hans is smitten by her charms.

The big cheese, the top banana, the boss. He’s not your typical ruler-of-all-eternity kind of guy though. He’ll sometimes walk among mortals, usually disguised as an old man with a patch over one eye. Not great, because Odin is an old man with a patch over one eye.

BIG guy. BIG hammer. BIG temper. Small brain. Just keep him away from the Ice Giants and everyone’s happy. Otherwise, expect a few more fjords carved into the landscape and lots of thunder and lightning from Mjolnir, Thor’s mighty hammer.

Here comes trouble! The prince of pests, the nosiest of the Norse and actually the son of two giants. He has the power to shapeshift and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. On those rare occasions when he tries to be nice, somehow Loki always manages to mess up.

Still looking for Vineland! And you won’t find a Norse god who believes that he will ever find it. Leif and his quest are a running gag throughout the webisodes and the games.

Daughter of Loki, sister to the snake Jormungand and Fenris the wolf. The nasty goddess of the underworld Helheim. A putrid place which Hans Hans avoids as much as possible. Hela likes Hans Hans and is convinced she can get him to work as one of her minions.

Boy, you think your job is tough! This guy watches the rainbow bridge Bifrost which leads to Asgard. He never sleeps, he sees in the dark and can hear sheep wool growing! On top of that he has to blow into his horn the moment he suspects Ragnarök (aka the end of the world) is happening – which for him is any moment now.

Odin’s lovely wife and the goddess of marriage. She is determined to find a wife for Hans, but clearly has no taste. What she does have a taste for is shoes, all seven hundred rooms of them.

Following a little mishap with the Vanir (the bad gods), Mimir now remains afloat in the well of wisdom. It’s here that Odin gets advice when he’s troubled, or if he can’t rhyme a line in one of his poems. The problem is Mimir has a big mouth!